Story of a Painting

This show at Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art’s in Newmarket will be interest to those intrigued by the artistic process as well as the finished product.

20 artists feature in the exhibition including Julian Knapp, a Wellington born artist with meticulous attention to detail. His work ‘London’ took 3 years to complete.

“I am mostly a self-taught artist and found that by practicing on my own, without guidance, I steadily improved,” says Julian.  “I naturally developed methods that suited me and led to the emergence of my own style.

I think I am a surreal realist.  I paint scenes with realistic figures and objects, but never arranged how you’d find them in the real world and often from multiple viewpoints.  Mostly I enjoy trying to create another world in a painting, or a way of seeing a whole area or idea without restrictions or viewpoints.

I work in oil on canvas. The mediums slow drying times suit my methods and the high level of detail and finish I am looking for.”

View the show at Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Arts, 19 Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland until September 20th 2014.