Gibbs Farm 2017

Only available on select dates to a small number of privileged individuals.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a private tour to the most requested creative venue in New Zealand.

gibbs farm

This is a privately guided tour to Gibbs Farm which includes transportation to and from the property from Auckland CBD,  senior tour leader, lunch platters and wine tasting at nearby boutique winery, charitable donations to an arts charity in lieu of entry fees to the park and souvenir booklet.

Price per person: NZ$269

Please note: we do not sell entry passes to Gibbs Farm, only privately guided tours. We have no association with the Gibbs family and are unable to answer any general questions or requests you have relating to Gibbs Farm. We will no longer respond to general enquiries related to this property.

Dates currently available:

All tours currently sold out – no further dates are currently available.

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