Direct Customer Term & Conditions

Last update: March 2022

Fine Art Tours NZ (from here on referred to as the ‘Provider’) provides their products and services to all Direct Customers (from here on referred to as the ‘Customer’), subject to the following terms and conditions.

The Customer and Provider will work together to:

> Act honestly and in good faith.

> Communicate openly and in a timely manner.

> Work in a collaborative and constructive manner – including towards the resolution of real or perceived problems and issues.

> Recognise each other’s responsibilities.


The Provider needs to receive the following information as a minimum requirement when service agreements are signed and returned by the Customer:

> Customer FULL legal name/s (as shown on passport/s) and home contact information.

> NZ arrival information – date, time, airline, flight number, arrival airport in NZ.

> NZ departure information – date, time, airline, flight number, departure airport in NZ.

> Dietary requirements – if relevant.

> Allergies, mobility concerns, injuries, health conditions and phobias – if relevant.

> Completed questionnaire (as a separate document to service agreement).

The Customer is required to notify the Provider on email of any additional client requests or modifications to their booking in a timely manner – please note that last minute requests may not be able to be accommodated.

The Customer is required to pay all invoices sent in full within 7-days, unless prior arrangements have been made. 


The Provider agrees to supply the Customer with accurate, up to date pricing and product/venue descriptions when requested.

Despite the Provider’s best efforts, a product or venue included in any itinerary supplied may be mispriced. If the Provider discovers a mispricing, the Provider will inform the Customer with the pricing correction as soon as the error is noted. The incorrect price will be honoured by the Provider where bookings have been paid in full by the Customer, prior to the pricing correction being notified.

The Provider will deliver the services booked by the Customer according to the details provided by the Customer.

The Provider operates strict health and safety policies which will be enforced at all times, regardless of any exemption request made by the Customer.

The Provider agrees to provide the highest levels of customer service to the Customer.

The Provider agrees to respond to all booking requests and change notifications within 24 hours of receipt.

The Provider agrees to provide invoices for all bookings received from the Customer in a timely manner.


Guided tour policy

Before guided tours get underway, all customers will receive a full safety briefing by the Provider.

All customers will be required to sign a wellbeing statement prior to departure and agree to follow COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing a face mask in confined spaces, using hand sanitiser and practicing safe social distancing. Anyone refusing to follow COVID-19 safety requests made by our guides and hosts will not be permitted to continue with the tour. No refunds will be provided on this basis.

All customers booking a guided walking tour must be able to walk unassisted for several kilometres. Wheelchairs and other mobility aids are not suited to these tours. Any participant unable to participate in a tour due to mobility issues will not receive a refund.

All customers agree to take full responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

All customers agree to take care of their personal belongings. All lost property must be reported promptly (within 24 hrs). Any costs to recover the items (such as delivery fees) will be covered by the customer directly to the Provider before items are returned. The Provider is not responsible for any personal property lost, stolen or vandalised during an experience.

Service Charges policy

The Customer is required to pay the initial Service Charge outlined in the Service Agreement before any work commences on the requested itinerary.

Subsequent agreed Service Charges for additional work requests will need to be paid in full before any third-party bookings are made on behalf of the Customer.

A 50% deposit is required to secure all accommodation, transport and activity bookings with the final balance paid in full at least 30-days before the Customer arrives in New Zealand. The exact date for final payment will be stipulated by the Provider in writing before any third-party bookings are made.

Cancellation policy

The Customer is subject to the Provider’s cancellation policy, which is strictly enforced throughout the year. Last minute changes made may be subject to additional charges (e.g.: additional activities or room upgrades not specified at time of booking). Additional charges will be billed directly to to the Customer for immediate payment.

If customers decide to cancel their booking with the Provider, they will be subject to the following policy:

> Should further COVID-19 outbreaks prevent the Provider from operating, the Provider will need to cancel the booking. The Customer will be offered a full refund on this basis.

> On rare occasions, the Provider may need to cancel a guided tour due to other events outside our control (e.g.: staff illness, unexpected venue closure or road closures). The Customer will be contacted as soon as possible and provided with a full refund on this basis.

If the Purchasing Agent decides to cancel the booking with the Provider for any other reason, the Purchasing Agent will be subject to the following policy:

How to cancel a booking

To cancel a booking, the Customer must inform the Provider.

The Customer must send an email to the Provider that contains the following information:

> Customer FULL legal name/s (as shown on passport/s) and home contact information.

> NZ arrival information – date, time, airline, flight number, arrival airport in NZ.

> NZ departure information – date, time

Cancellation fees

The following cancellation fees will apply to all Customer bookings:

> 60 days or more before tour departure date: an administration fee of $25 will be charged to the Customer

> 30-59 days before NZ arrival date: the Provider will charge 50% of the total owing to the Customer.

> Less than 30 days before NZ arrival date: the Provider will charge the full amount owing to the Customer.

Please be aware that any cancellations requested by the customer (other than proven COVID-19 illness) are completely outside the control of the Provider and therefore the fees outlined here will be charged.

Confirmation of cancellation

Once the Customer has cancelled a booking, the Provider will send an email to the address nominated by the Customer.

If the email address has changed since the booking was originally made, the Customer will need to supply the Provider with the new address so the cancellation can be confirmed in writing.

The Provider will not be held responsible for cancellation confirmation emails not received by the Customer due to invalid or expired email accounts.

Infant and child policy

Any customer wishing to involve infants or children in guided tours must be aware of the following by the Customer:

Infant: Children under 3 years old are classified as infants and will not be permitted on guided tours.

Child: Children between 4 years – 16 years old are classified as children. Children under 16 years are not permitted to join guided tours.

Infant and child bookings

The Customer must inform the Provider if infants or children wish to participate at the time of booking.

The Provider will not allow children and infants to participate in these tours unless special permission is granted at time of booking.

No refunds or credits of any kind will be offered to the customer if a child is booked unexpectedly on guided tours.

Additional charges

Customers must be aware that any additional fees incurred due to requests or demands (e.g.: room upgrades on arrival at hotel) will be passed on as additional charges and are subject to availability.

Additional charges will be on-billed to the Customer for immediate payment.

Change request policy

The Customer should be aware that change requests to agreed itineraries may incur a 25% additional fee. This includes last minute requests for additional activities and special additional requests.

Any change requests made to tour schedules that have been booked and confirmed may also incur a 25% additional fee to update the booking and manage external third-party bookings already locked in. Change requests most likely to incur additional fees include significant changes to tour schedules where timings, guides, venues and other external providers need to be updated, debriefed, altered or cancelled to accommodate alternative requests.

Additional fees will be discussed with the Customer before any change requests are accepted and processed.

Privacy policy

The Provider respects the customer’s right to privacy. The Provider is bound by New Zealand law to comply with the Privacy Act (2020).

If a customer is concerned about a possible interference with their privacy, they can contact the Provider’s Privacy Officer.

Address: 59 Seafield View Road, Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand.

Phone: 64-27-231-5995

Public Holidays and Surcharges policy

New Zealand legislation guides trading policies on Public Holidays. All tours booked on Public Holidays will attract a 50% loading to cover the additional costs associated with legally operating on these days.

Conditions of website use

The Customer is welcome to use the Providers website to source information and clarify product details. The following conditions apply for use the Provider’s website content:


All content included on the Provider’s site is the property of the Provider or its content suppliers.

Content includes, but is not limited to, copy, images, design, software, logos, graphic devices and downloadable PDF brochures.

All content is the exclusive property of the Provider and is protected by New Zealand and International copyright laws. All software used on the website is the property of the Provider or its software suppliers and protected by New Zealand and international copyright laws.

Provider descriptions

The Provider attempts to be as accurate as possible. However, the Provider does not warrant that product descriptions or any other content of the website site is 100% accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free.

The Customer must contact the Provider for final written clarification.


Except where noted otherwise, the online list price displayed represents the full retail price.